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AdWords PPC Expert has vast experience, credibility, and a proven track record of delivering unmatched PPC services USA & Canada. Our consultants are Google AdWords certified and they know every trick to maximize returns and minimize cost per click. We intelligently leverage powerful PPC advertising tools to deliver exceptional results. Our key focus areas are:

Better Conversion Rate

Getting you an improved conversion rate is the sole purpose of our PPC services. This can be achieved by a combination of higher CTR and excellent product/service offerings. We implement proven PPC strategies that are tailored to fit your business needs and customer buying interests. This helps drive more clicks and increased conversions.

Effective Keywords

Keywords are phrases that people use to search for a problem, product or service on search engines. We ensure that your ad content is well optimised with long tail keywords to improve page rankings and better conversions. Our experts perform in-depth keyword research and analysis to generate maximum PPC value.

Landing Page Optimisation

When a user clicks on your ad, he or she will be directed to a landing page that has information about your business, product, service, or solution. No wonder it has to be most relevant, engaging, and impactful to convert potential customers into sales. We optimize your landing pages with strong CTAs to improve their clickability.

Top PPC Ad Ranking

You would want your advertisement to be on the top of Search Engine Results Page, and so do we. Our PPC experts utilize the best tools to get your PPC ad on the top. We optimize the ad copy with the right keywords to make it search-friendly and improve its visibility.

Higher CTR

The entire PPC ad campaign we design revolves around getting your business or website’s maximum click-through rate. We harness industry best practices and our vast PPC acumen to increase your ad visibility, drive relevant target audience and increase the click-through rate. Higher CTR means better ad engagement and higher conversions for your brand.

Excellent Ad Copy

Your advertisement is the first thing that search engine users will notice. So, it has to be attractive and relevant with useful information that invokes them to click. Our creative designers and content writers do a lot of brainstorming to build outstanding ad copy that instantly impresses your target audiences

Competitive Bid Strategy

The best bid can ensure low Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for your PPC ad campaign. We harness our experience in this field to negotiate and help you bag the most competitive bid on Google AdWords. An effective bid strategy would also mean lower Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and improved clickability of your ads.

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

We constantly strive to cut down on your Cost Per Acquisition and Cost Per Conversion by focusing on building long-lasting customer relations. The PPC campaigns we devise are focused on increasing ad visibility and generating higher click-through rates but at a lower CPA that ensures the best value for every dollar spent.



AdWords PPC Expert is India’s #1 certified PPC expert, promising continuous business growth and maximum Return on Investment for your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. We are a leading Google AdWords PPC agency, built on the premises of process-driven, result-oriented PPC services in USA & Canada to ensure maximum revenues. Our objective is not just getting you increased traffic or sales; we are incessantly looking to innovate to ensure minimal Cost Per Customer acquisition and Cost Per Conversion.

This is why complex online businesses trust us with their PPC advertising campaign. Our PPC services are tailor-made to fit unique business requirements and deliver outstanding results.

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When it comes to conversion-oriented PPC advertisement, we handle everything so that you can spend time growing your business. We are a prominent AdWords expert, having a holistic approach to building a strong and effective PPC advertising campaign. Here’s how we do it:

Create Google AdWords Account

The first step is to create a Google AdWords account for your website or online business. Our team of certified experts continuously update themselves about Google AdWords and their latest terms & conditions.

Keyword Research

Our dedicated PPC expert will perform comprehensive keyword research and market analysis to identify the best keywords for your advertisement.

Campaign Management

From the moment you contact us for best-in-class PPC services, you will have a dedicated PPC consultant who will be your single point of contact with us.


Looking for a result-driven, cost-effective PPC advertising solution? Partner with us to give your online business an exceptional boost.


We know the power of Google Ads PPC advertising in driving radical business results. Therefore, we take a 360-degree, integrated approach for higher visibility, better lead generation, and increased sales.

We Are Good At


Higher Rate of Conversion

Search engines generate more relevant & targeted traffic than any other medium. Our PPC services are designed to drive search traffic that has maximum conversion rate. When you position your advertisement on search engines, you are actually positioning your website for better conversions. Get conversion-oriented, ROI-focused PPC services at Adwords PPC Experts.

Affordable PPC Management

One of the biggest advantages of Pay Per Click advertising is it helps achieve measurable and instant results. Our PPC advertising campaigns drive immediate results. People will see your ad on Google when searching for a product or service, and if relevant, they will click to view your website or business.

Incredible Traffic Growth

Join hands with Adwords PPC Expert to dramatically boost traffic to your website. We will create attractive & engaging ad campaigns and position them in places with maximum visibility. This way, you can drive thousands of clicks and that too, the ones with high conversion potential. Consult our PPC experts today.

Quality Lead Generation

It is the best way to ‘pull’ quality leads with higher conversion potential. Why? This is because Google Adwords will display your ad only when someone searches for a problem/product/service you cater to. So, search engine traffic is already interested in your business. So, PPC is a ‘pull’ strategy rather than a ‘push.’

Measurable Results

One of the best things why you should choose PPC advertising is that the results are measurable. Use Google AdWords in combination with Analytics to get comprehensive reports on clicks, impressions, and conversions. The results can be analyzed to tweak weak areas and improve the performance of the ad campaign.

Get Immediate Results

One of the biggest advantages of Pay Per Click advertising is it helps achieve measurable and instant results. Our PPC advertising campaigns drive immediate results. People will see your ad on Google when searching for a product or service, and if relevant, they will click to view your website or business.

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