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Discover the power of effective Google Ads campaigns with our agency. Guaranteed results in 30-40 days or we won’t charge a dime. Partner with us for exceptional ROI and campaign success. Let’s skyrocket your business to new heights!

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Gone are the days of signing a long contract with a Google Ads agency or freelancer and hoping they’ll deliver results.

Grow My Ads promises :

A Strategy Assessment
Every 90 Days
A Dedicated Account
Exclusive Google
Ads-Only Focus

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Could your Google Ads campaigns drive more profit into your business?

Grow My Ads uses 90-Day Growth Sprints to profitably accelerate your business and turn your account into a profit-generating machine. Our proven system and hands-on approach deliver results most companies can only dream of.

Grow My Ads promises :

Solution-Driven Google Ad Results:

Increase conversions and ROI with our 90-Day Growth Sprints designed to reassess your Google Ad strategy every 90 days

Change What You Get to How You Benefit:

Grow My Ads continually tests, expands, and improves your Google Ads performance and ROI in 90-Day Growth Sprints that deliver the best results.

Proven Track Record:

Using our proven framework, Google My Ads helps businesses increase lead generation and revenue growth by 3-10X.

Solution-Driven Google Ad Results

Are you one of the 90% of Google advertisers who experiences these problems?

Grow My Ads has your back and will help you get the best possible results from your ad spend by re-evaluating your strategy every 3 months with our 90-day Growth Sprints.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped 230+ businesses dramatically increase their conversions and ROI from their Google ads campaigns by revamping their paid media and marketing strategy.

Proven Track Record

Hi, We’re Grow My Ads, and we help businesses just like yours double, triple, or even 10x results.

We’re tired of all the empty promises from companies in the PPC industry, so we’re setting out on a different path. Our 90-Day Growth Sprints take a proactive, hands-on approach to help you make more money with

Why can we deliver bigger, better results than anyone else?

Grow My Ads takes 100% responsibility of your Google Ads account, so you know exactly how we’re boosting your results. By properly restructuring your account, transforming your Google Ads campaigns, and effectively leveraging Google remarketing ads, you can expect a dramatic increase in ad campaign performance in the first 30-90 days.

Our 90-Day Growth Sprints typically include:

The bottom line? We’re committed to helping you understand exactly how much money you’re making for every dollar you invest in ad spend…and we love seeing your reaction as that number grows again and again!

90-Day Growth Sprints Help Your Business Boom

Two young business people working together in office. financial analysis accounting concept.

1. Analysis

Before we even talk about working together, you’ll get an analysis of your current Google Ads that covers:
Before we even talk about working together, you’ll get an analysis of your current Google Ads that covers:
business brain storm meeting presentation Team discussing roadmap to product launch, presentation, p

2. Roadmap + Kickoff

After you give us the go-ahead, we’ll dive in and create a strategy for working together. During your kickoff call, we’ll share the roadmap with you and explain exactly how we’ll execute it to deliver results that make you more money.

3. Execution

This is where the magic happens. In addition to watching the leads and sales roll in, you’ll get reports every 30 days with results and updates. Your dedicated account manager will keep you in the loop with what’s happening and how we’re working toward your goals. They’ll also schedule regular conversations as needed to get your feedback.
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4. Re-Assess

In the final days of each sprint, you’ll get our analysis and findings of the previous 90 days, as well as a new strategic roadmap for how we plan to adjust your tactics moving forward. In short, we evaluate our own work and pinpoint where we can improve.

Highline Digital Media

How to get started with GrowMyAds:

See if your account is a good fit with a detailed data analysis from our team. Get in touch with us to see if we’re the best Google Ads agency for your brand.

From there, this is what will happen:

1. Intro Call

During this initial free consultation call, you give us some context on your business, your goals, the history of your account, what you think the potential is for your business with Google Ads and KPIs you want to hit. This informs how we approach our analysis and allows us to make specific recommendations for improvements.

2. Google Ads Analysis Call

We conduct a detailed review of your account. This includes strategy, conversion tracking, search, shopping, video and display advertising campaigns. We see where you are doing well and where the account is off track. Specific recommendations for improvements will be shared with you all at no cost.

3. Offer

If we feel we can make a significant impact on the account performance, we’ll walk you through what results to expect, how long they will take, and give you a specific fee for our Google Ads management services. And if you’re onboard, we can get started!

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